Monday, April 9, 2012

Bad Blogger...

Who wins the award for the worst blogger? That would be ME! I attempted to join the blogging world in December. Well, almost fourth months later, I am writing my second post. I always forget to blog, and even worse, I have been a slacker on taking pictures. If you know me well, you would know that three to four years ago, I always had a camera with me and taking pictures. Nowadays, I rarely take pictures. I really haven't taken pictures since our trip to Jersey over Christmas break. Ben and I even went away last month for the weekend and I only took like four pictures the entire weekend! I'm such a slacker!

We have been very busy that last few months with many different things going on in our lives. In March, Ben turned the big 3-0. He is officially and oldie but goodie. I remind him often that he is an "old man" now! I only have a few pictures of his big day, and they were taken from my phone, so I'll try to post them below (if I can figure it out). It's my goal to start blogging more frequently. Since I am on Spring Break this week, I'm hoping this will be a good week to start! I have some fun posts planned with my coupon adventures so be looking for that soon!

(A Birthday Cheesecake. Just what he asked for!)